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For all TCP products please refer to warranties listed below.


For all other products, please refer to the original manufacturer for warranty information.

*** Twisted Customs Performance / TCP Off Road / TCPor.com does not accept responsibility for damage to your bike, bike parts, or bodily injury while using its products. We are not responsible for faulty installation or misuse of our products. Purchaser is responsible for installing properly, securely, and safely.

billet rack warranty

Racks must be returned to TCP in person by appointment or shipped (at the customer / authorized dealers expense) for inspection. When shipping the rack, please include a Warranty Claim Form.  For warranty paperwork, please click HERE

Twisted Customs Performance LLC (TCP) warrants to the ORIGINAL buyer of any billet steering rack that it is free from any defects. The workmanship and materials, are subject to the following conditions:

  • The product must be properly installed, used, and maintained (this includes boot maintenance). Stripping the threads on the heim, clevis, or inside the steering bar will not be covered. Continuing to operate the ride with a damaged rack will also prevent coverage. 
  • We do not warranty boots. Excessive damage to components due to torn boots is not covered. Riding with a torn boot and ruining other components will prevent coverage. Inspection of boots should be part of regular ATV maintenance. (If you send your rack in for warranty, you will owe for boots and return shipping) Boot kits are $55.00 each. You may purchase them and change them yourself or mail the rack to us and we will change them for you. 
  • TCP typically only guarantees the rack body and it’s internal components. The clevis and heims are not warrantied but can also be purchased for replacement. 
  • If the billet rack case (body) has been attempted to be opened, ALL WARRANTIES WILL BE VOIDED.
  • If the rack is damaged from a collision, repair or replacement will not be covered under warranty.
  • Twisted Customs Performance LLC / TCP Off Road / TCPor.com is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages.
  • Determination as to the existence and nature of any defect in workmanship or product shall be made by TCP, and all such determination shall be final.
  • The purchaser must have completed and sent in ALL necessary warranty requirements within the designated time frame or all warranties will be null and void.

If all of the above terms are met, Twisted Customs Performance / TCP will repair or replace the defective parts. Depending on the nature of the warranty either a $100, $200, or $400 (full replacement) warranty fee will be assessed. If we determine the damages are not covered under warranty, the rack will be evaluated for free and repairs will be recommended. Any repairs for damages not covered by the Warranty will be at the consumers expense.


  • SHIPPING to and from TCP is the responsibility of the consumer. Please keep up with your own tracking number. For customers outside of the United States, any fees associated with Customs or Duties are also the responsibility of the consumer.
  • This Warranty extends to both TCP customers and Authorized Dealers.
  • If you have a billet rack that is out of Warranty or you purchased a billet rack second-hand, you can either purchase parts to service it or send it in to us for a repair estimate. 

If you need to make a warranty claim, please ship your complete rack (even if broken) with your original receipt and completed warranty form to: 

TCP Off Road

13420 Hwy 155 S.

Tyler, TX 75703

transmission warranty

 What is NOT Covered Under This Warranty?

This warranty does not cover damage or loss due to the following:

  • Misuse, maintenance neglect, abuse, vandalism, abnormal operation, environmental conditions, or accidents. Internal modification with aftermarket performance parts
  • Damage caused by lack of lubricants or fluids that lead to failure will void the warranty. You are asked to maintain your vehicle at regular intervals and be able to provide us with those service records. 
  • The failure caused by components or parts not furnished by the manufacturer.
  • Any repairs not authorized or approved by the remanufacturer will void the warranty. 
  • Damage caused by aftermarket wheels, tires or suspension void the warranty.