Are the CFMOTO U-Force and Z-Force Worth Your Money?

by | Sep 22, 2023 | UTV Talk


In the rapidly evolving UTV landscape, CFMoto’s U-Force and Z-Force models have emerged as noteworthy contenders. Once overshadowed by industry giants, these models are now gaining traction, offering a blend of performance, durability, and affordability. This article provides an in-depth analysis of both models, comparing them with industry leaders and unveiling the aftermarket advantage.


Affordability vs. Performance


Both the U-Force and Z-Force models from CFMoto are priced in a manner that has garnered attention in the UTV community. Their competitive pricing, combined with a solid set of features, has led many enthusiasts to consider them as viable alternatives to some of the more established names in the industry. While it’s always subjective to determine the best value for money, there’s a growing consensus among UTV enthusiasts that these models offer a balanced blend of affordability and performance. Their emergence in discussions and comparisons suggests that they’re not just budget-friendly options, but also contenders that are reshaping the way enthusiasts evaluate and choose UTVs. When compared to industry hallmarks, they offer a compelling value proposition:


Price Comparison:


UTV Model Price Point
CFMoto UForce 1000 $12,999
CFMoto ZForce 950 Trail $13,999
Can-Am Defender HD9 $14,799
Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT $15,099
Honda Pioneer 1000 $17,499
Polaris Ranger 1000 $17,899


Given the similar power, speed, and overall performance to some of the industry’s biggest names, but at a much lower price, both the U-Force and Z-Force models stand out as exceptional values in the UTV market for 2023. This lower price point enables CFMoto owners an opportunity to spend the money they saved buying the cheaper option on an emerging selection of aftermarket parts to enhance their ride.


Key Features, Specifications, and Owners’ Perspectives


U-Force 1000:


  • Engine: Powered by a 963 cc V-Twin engine, producing around 79 horsepower.
  • Drivetrain: Features a fully automatic CVTech transmission with two drive modes – Work Mode and Normal Mode.
  • Suspension: Offers a gull wing Double A-Arms independent suspension with 11 inches of ground clearance.

Z-Force 950:


  • Engine: The Z-Force 950 is powered by a 963cc V-Twin engine, producing between 85 to 90 HP.
  • Drivetrain: Features a CVTech automatic transmission with selectable 4WD and a front differential lock.
  • Suspension: The Z-Force 950 HO and Sport models boast an independent suspension system with a Dual A-Arm front suspension and a quadlink trailing arm rear suspension.
  • Construction: Built with a steel frame and plastic body material, the Z-Force is designed for durability. It also features a standard brush guard, skid plate, and a hard cab canopy for added protection.

Owners’ Feedback:


Overview – General Consensus


Likes: Both models offer great value for money, powerful performance, and come standard with many accessories that other UTVs consider extras.
Dislikes: Earlier models, especially the U-Force, had issues with throttle response and a jerky ride. Some owners also reported issues with shift linkage and brakes




For the price and features it was a no brainer for me – now that I’ve tallied it, it was at least 10k cheaper (cdn) than the closest ‘big name’ competitor AND it came with a ton of extras that I would have had to pay for on a similar machine (probably an extra 3k+). It has good power, the 950s are putting out 90hp while others in class are 100hp until you jump to say a rzr pro / pro r at 181/225hp which is way more expensive and size was a limiting factor for my uses anyways. Think of these as the kias and Hyundais of 10 years ago, solid vehicles that have come a long way and will only continue getting better. – demomagic on Reddit

I just crossed 2000 miles in a 950 ho ex purchased last year new for $17k I used it as a runabout and some trail riding in Mexico over the winter, bought it specifically for that trip so that I wouldn’t feel too terrible about abandoning it if it came to that. I’ve been running it here in Alaska on the beach and some cleared trails through the muskeg. No major issues, and I do my own maintenance. I plan on taking it up north for caribou hauling the meat wagon that I usually pull with an old foreman. Pretty happy with it so far. I’ve put a windshield and soft doors on it, no other upgrades. I also have an older maverick (2018) at my parent’s place down south and really like it too, no problems. Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far, but I wouldn’t hesitate recommending the 950. – japanuslove on Reddit

Had my Z-force 1000 for over 4 years and 9000km and it has treated me well. Wheel all spring/summer/fall and plow snow all winter with it. Only the usual wear items have needed replaced. Broke a ball joint, but have a 3″ lift on it. Blew a belt, but that belt had about 6000km total on it. Like everything, maintenance goes a long way with them. I change the oil, diff, and trans fluids regularly with synthetic fluids and grease it often, and also run Unifilter air filters with Maxima FAB-1 filter oil, and swap them out regularly. I also don’t find any issue with parts availability, but a good dealer makes a huge difference. I have no complaints about it, it goes everywhere I want it to. I don’t beat it or drive it underwater or anything, but I certainly don’t baby it either. – counterparter on Reddit

The Aftermarket Growth


As CFMoto’s UTVs gain traction in the market, the aftermarket scene is experiencing a significant transformation. Previously, options for these vehicles were limited, but with their rising popularity, there’s been a surge in aftermarket products tailored to enhance and customize them. We are at the forefront of this evolution, pioneering the development of innovative parts that cater to the growing demands of CFMoto UTV enthusiasts with products including:

Tie Rods for U-Force and Z-Force: Made of 4140 HT solid steel, these tie rods are designed to offer unmatched durability. They ensure that the vehicle’s steering mechanism stands strong even in the toughest conditions.

Toe Link Bar and Rear Radius Rods for Z-Force: These parts play a crucial role in maintaining the vehicle’s alignment and ensuring smooth handling. Made with precision, they can significantly enhance the Z-Force’s performance.

More to be announced: As we continue to gather information on what CFMoto riders are wanting out of the aftermarket industry, we are constantly working to meet those needs and expand our off-roading legacy to cater to the rising popularity of these vehicles.

By equipping your U-Force or Z-Force with the durability of our aftermarket parts, you not only enhance its performance but also its longevity. They are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and will ensure that your UTV remains in top shape for years to come.



Navigating the UTV landscape can be a daunting task with the myriad of choices available. However, CFMoto’s U-Force and Z-Force models have made a compelling case for themselves. Their blend of affordability, performance, and durability, showcases their rising prominence in the market. The expanding aftermarket scene boosts their allure, especially when considering the savings from purchasing these more affordable options, which can be redirected towards a wide range of customization and enhancement options. As pioneers in this aftermarket evolution, we’re dedicated to ensuring that CFMoto enthusiasts have access to the best parts to elevate their riding experience. If you’re on the fence about which UTV to invest in, consider the value proposition and growing community support behind CFMoto’s offerings. It might just be the perfect time to join the CFMoto family and embark on an unparalleled off-roading adventure.

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