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In the 90s, what began as “Twisted Customs,” a venture dabbling in import cars, took a pause. Shane Jumper (founder of TCP) ventured into various fields – from the mastery of construction to the precision of welding. A hiatus that would shape the future of off-roading. By 2013, the urge to build a brand of his own led him to reinvent his venture as “Twisted Customs Performance,” or TCP, specializing in aftermarket parts.


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The call of rugged terrains came unexpectedly for Shane. Taking a break from the hard labor of pipeline welding and consulting on the oil field, he was intrigued by posts from an old high school buddy’s thrilling off-road adventures. Sharing this with Anita, his wife and business partner, their collective enthusiasm led to a mutual passion – one for the off-roading lifestyle. As taking on tough terrains became embedded into their way of life, layoffs from Shane’s consulting job proved to be a turning point. From a lifelong need to provide, Shane’s mechanical ability came to the forefront, leading to a side hustle that blossomed into a sought-after expertise for fabrications and repairs, all starting at River Run ATV Park. Shane saw an opportunity where most would see an end. With a reputation for unparalleled craftsmanship and welding, he ventured into the UTV and ATV parts business.

However, as he delved deeper, what he found was an industry marred by shortcuts and misinformation. With his welding background, Shane could discern the truths from the fabrications, and he realized there was a niche waiting to be filled. An industry craving for integrity, honesty, and genuine commitment. TCP set up base in Tyler, TX, transforming from a traveling vendor to a permanent name in the industry.

Over the Years



This year represents our humble beginnings, selling parts and repairing builds in the heart of the action at River Run.


Began Manufacturing Independently

When things began to really take off for us here at TCP taking the leap into independent manufacturing, when the true scale of our mastery began to surface.


Released The First Ever Billet Transmission Case

What can easily be considered our most iconic product in TCP history and a hallmark of innovation across the entire UTV industry: the release of our “Elite” Transmission Cases. Not only did we introduce the first cross-over case as apart of this line, converting 13T snorkle gears to the commanding 19T. This year also marks the release of the first ever transmission case made fully out of billet aluminum.


Released Our Xtreme Steering Rack Line

The year a trailblazing steering rack emerged, redefining industry standards with superior reliability. Its introduction brought unprecedented durability continues to lead the market to this day.


“XXX” Steering Racks Available Now

Most recently we added this innovation as a part of our legacy, these highly anticipated steering racks made way to a whole new variety of fitments now able to be equipped with the best in off-road steering.


From the start, TCP wasn’t about status quo. The challenges of mastering UTV transmissions pushed Shane to create something new. Hearing whispers of a billet transmission, he embarked on a year-long quest to find this mythical component. The realization that it was just a legend could have been a setback. But for Shane, it was an inspiration. With determination, 3D modeling, and a collaboration with an old friend, the Elite X Billet Transmission came into being – a game-changer in the UTV industry.

The journey didn’t stop there. That inspiration led to the creation of the “DX” Billet Steering Rack for the Can-Am Defender, pushing the boundaries of what was possible in off-road innovation and bringing a new meaning to durability on every trail. Today, six generations of our billet steering rack later, we continue to strive to make the absolute best in UTV and ATV parts uncovering new heights of off-roading excellence everyday.

Behind the scenes, Anita played a pivotal role. From a horse trainer and housewife to a relentless researcher and business woman, she invested countless nights delving into information about parts, business nuances, website development, and more. TCP owes much of its success to her unwavering commitment.

Shane and Anita’s vision for TCP Pro Racing wasn’t just about parts. It was about integrity, honesty, and unwavering dedication. It was about uncovering industry secrets and a thirst for knowledge. Their journey might have been a deep venture, but it paved the way for the TCP Pro Racing legacy we know today. An odyssey that started with passion and evolved into an unmatched name in the off-roading industry. For Shane, Anita, and the entire TCP family, it’s not just about the ride. It’s about crafting integrity at every turn. And while we’ve come a long way, this is merely the beginning for us. We continue to innovate, evolve, and sharpen our edge, ensuring we remain the summit of the industry, all while upholding the authentic values that ignited our journey.

Shane Jumper Working On The TCP Full Billet Transmission
TCP Pro Racing Vendor Trailer at River Run ATV Park

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